The USB-powered aquarium air pump might be the coolest invention to hit the market in a long time. This amazing little air pump is ideal for small and medium-sized fish tanks. Let’s find out what makes this USB nano air pump so unique.

Low Noise Aquarium Air Pump

The main selling point of this mini USB aquarium air pump is its low sound. It has very low noise compared to many other aquarium air pumps. Also, it comes with a silicone outer cover to further reduce the noises that can occur due to vibrations.

Low power Consumption

This air pump uses a small diaphragm pump attached to a motor, making it super compact and lightweight. It has a very low power consumption of less than 1W  with a flow rate of 240 ml per minute. That is quite enough for any small-scale tank with small fish.

Mini Aquarium Air pump


You can hook it up to a power brick like you do your cell phone, or if you’re in an emergency, you can power it using several other methods. 

One way would be to hook it to a rechargeable power bank. This is great in the pinch if you have a power outage and don’t have a generator. Your fish will be fine for quite some time. Normally 10000mA power bank will be able to continuously power it up for 3 days.

Another plus point is that you can easily use this USB air pump when transporting your fish. You can easily hook this air pump into the car’s USB ports and give a continuous air supply for your fish.

Where to buy

You can purchase this USB fish tank air pump online through Amazon or AliExpress. It costs around 8$ per one. You will get a free air stone, tube, and a hanging clip with the USB pump.


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