If you are into fishkeeping, you might probably hear about Petco and their Dollar per Gallon sale. Petco is one of the largest pet suppliers based in the United States. They supply all kinds of pet products, including, Aquarium fish and a wide range of aquarium equipment from different brands.

Petco Aquarium fish
Petco Aquarium fish

Petco pet suppliers introduced dollar per gallon sales, and after that, some other aquarium suppliers also introduced similar aquarium product sales. As the name suggests, they offered fish tanks under 50 gallons for a dollar per gallon. There the fish tanks higher than 50 gallons were 50% off.

Does the one Dollar per Gallon Sale Exist?

Some time ago, the “Dollar per Gallon” sale was there about 3-4 times a year in every Petco store around the United States. But currently, Petco has discontinued the “Dollar per gallon” sale and replaced it with Petco 50% off Sales.

Petco 50% off sales
Petco 50% off sales

Most of the aquarium products on the 50% sale are priced alone and do not come as aquarium kits. You have to purchase the other aquarium equipment, like aquarium decors, lights, and substrates separately.

But no worries, there are some other promotions on aquarium decorations and other aquarium supplies by Petco. See all their aquarium products deals here.

Most of the Aquarium fish tanks from 50% sale on Petco come under the Aqueon brand. Aqueon aquarium equipment are well known for their wide range of products and quality in the Aquarium hobby. Also, they provide good customer service, and we have seen a lot of good reviews from fishkeepers for their products.

Petco offers same-day delivery for their online orders. Also, you can purchase your required aquarium products from the store itself. Read our aquarium product reviews to find out the best solutions for your home aquarium.


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