DIY Aquarium

DIY Underwater Sand Waterfall guide

If you are into aqua scaping and fish tank decoration, you may have seen underwater sand waterfalls. In this DIY tutorial, we discuss the sand to use, the type of flow you will need, and the materials you will need to build a sand waterfall.

How to Make a DIY 3D Aquarium Background

Aquarium background is one of the most significant factors that directly affect the behavior and color of your fish. Build an ultra-realistic 3D rock background for your aquarium using Styrofoam and concrete step by step.

DIY Canister Filter Ideas for aquariums

Canisters filters are a great choice of filtration for medium and large-scale aquariums, but buying a new filter can easily cost hundreds of dollars. So here are some DIY ideas of different ways that you can design and develop your own canister filter for your aquarium.