Let’s unbox the Fluval 07 Series canister filter and review the specifications, pros, and cons. The Fluval 07 series canister filters are the seventh generation of Fluval`s flagship canister with over 40 years of history behind it. 

What size canister filter do I need? Fluval 07 Series Canister Filters

Fluval 07 series offer four models of canister filters as 107, 207, 307, and 407 depending on the aquarium size ranging from 10 to 100 US gallons or 40 to 500 liters.

Specifications of Fluval 07 Series
Specifications of Fluval 07 Series

Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter Unboxing

Let’s unbox the Fluval 07 Series canister filter. So when you buy your Fluval 07 Series canister filter, it will include ribbed hosing, various filter components, Aqua stop valve, intake and output assemblies, motorhead gasket, and the various rim connector assemblies and the canister filter itself with the instruction manual. You can see it’s got a nice beefy bulky appearance to it.

Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter Unboxing

Also, note that all the required filter media that you need to run your aquarium are included for free with the canister filter. It includes mechanical, chemical, and bio media with the filter. So depending on what you’re filtering you can customize it.

Fluval 07 Series Filter Specifications

Let’s find out the main features of the Fluval 07 Series. There are some re-engineered specs compared to Fluval oh six series canister filters.

Powerful Pump performance & Energy Efficiency

When looking at the front of the box you’re gonna notice eTech. eTech stands for an efficient technology which is basically a synergistic process that utilizes cutting-edge design materials and manufacturing methods to generate a great end result. 

So basically what that means is you have powerful pump performance. The Fluval 07 Series has better sustain power and improved energy efficiency than competitive filters. As an example, the Fluval 107 and 207 models only use 10 watts of power which is the same as a LED bulb.

Energy consumption of Fluval o7 series
Powerful Pump performance & Energy Efficiency

Ultra-Quiet Operation

The new Fluval 07 Series comes with an ultra-quiet operation thanks to reengineered impeller assembly. It is up to 25 percent quieter than previous generations.

Redesigned Priming Device & Aqua Stock of Fluval 07 Series

We’re gonna start with the priming device. It has a more robust design and can be easily primed with a finger. The large loop makes it easy to prime even within a cabinet. Also, improved tolerances and a better suction allow you to start it up after just three or four pumps.

Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter priming

many other competitive models often require both hands when priming. So Fluval 07 Series is a lot more inconvenient in priming. 

Looking at the aqua stock, it has developed the less convenient gripping unit of the Oh six series. In Fluval 07 Series, it extends out and got an upward angle. It is much more ergonomic.

Lift Lock Clamps

The lift lock clamps of the canister also come with a robust design. It’s a fiber-reinforced clamp that is a little bit ribbed at the top for ergonomic access. The locking clamp and the hole mounting boss assembly have been increased in dimension with more solid plastic. 

Vibration Proof Rubber Feet

Another great improvement on the Fluval 07 Series is the feet stabilizers. If we look at the Fluval six serious, feet stabilizers are quite small similar to many competing canister filters in the market. 

However, the Fluval 07 Series comes with gigantic rubber feet on them It allows for increased stability and vibration dampening capabilities. They also help to protect the base of the filter. lastly, they also come preassembled with the filter unit itself.

Re-engineered Pump Assembly

Now let’s look inside the Fluval 07 Series canister filters. Starting with the re-engineered precision-crafted pump, it features a diamond polished aluminum ceramic impeller shaft for reduced tolerance. 

In fact, it’s got an improved fan blade assembly and magnetic rotor interface which allows for a frictionless rotation and 25% quieter operation.

Easy Access Filter Media Container

So the last pro on the list is the easy lift media baskets. Unlike the competitor canister filters, you don’t need to remove any of the water from your canister. In order to clean the media just lift all of the media out of the filter with one finger. you can do the same for the pre-filter assembly too.

Verticle pre filter of Fluval 07 Series Canister Filter
Pre-filter Assembly

The bioform in the pre-filter provides a 30% greater surface area because of the rippled pattern that is incorporated in the design.

That’s all about the unboxing and overview of the Fluval 07 Series canister filters.

Fluval 07 Canister Filter Series | Unboxing & Overview

Here is a complete step-by-step guide to set up your brand new Fluval 07 Series canister filter.

Fluval 07 Series Canister Filters Installation Guide


  • Before setting up the filter, take inventory of the components and read the instructions
  • Position intake assembly away from aeration sources
  • Housing must follow a straight path with no links or loops and very little slack
  • Verify the output nozzle is above the water when priming
Fluval 07 Canister Filter Series | Installation Guide

Fluval 07 Series Canister Filters Maintenance Guide

Learn how to maintain your Fluval 07 series canister filter to get maximum performance and maximum lifetime.

Fluval 07 Canister Filter Series | General Maintenance

How often should I clean my Fluval canister filter?

It is recommended to clean your Fluval canister filter and filter media at least once a month. But make sure not to wash away all the beneficial bacteria colonies.


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