Fishkeeping Guide

How to Add new Fish Acclimating Fish to the Aquarium

After setting up your fish tank, you may be wondering what is the best way to add your fish to your aquarium. Let’s find out the best way to add your fish and why it’s beneficial to do the fish acclimation in that way. We will talk about the scientific background and underline water chemistry. 

Top 10 Low Light Aquarium Plants for Beginner Aquascapes

Aquarium plants play an important role in a freshwater aquarium. But all the aquarium plants in the hobby are not easy to keep and maintain. Here we are talking about the top 10 beginner aquarium plants that can be kept by anybody with simple maintenance.

Ultimate Guide to Aquarium Substrates

Aquarium Substrates play an important role in a healthy and eye-catching aquarium. So when you’re researching to start your first aquarium, you will come to the point of What aquarium substrate should I use in my aquarium. 

How to Make Tap Water Safe for Fish Aquarium De-chlorinating

Do the fish in your newly set up fish tank gasp for air or start dying? If the Nitrate and Nitrite levels are fine, it might be Chlorine Poisoning from your tap water. learn the symptoms, How to avoid and How to treat Chlorine Poisoning for aquarium fish.

Types of Aquarium filters

Whether you’re a newbie or a pro fishkeeper, you’re going to need some type of filtration in your aquarium to keep the water moving and clean. Choosing a filter can be kind of an intimidating thing.Let’s see what are the different types of aquarium filters? how to install? how to maintain and what are the pros and cons of them?